Messy Church: Christian Formation

Messy Church & Children's Chapel

This semester we’re meeting in Room 6 at 9:15a.  We’ll read scripture and pray together and then adults are free to either stay in Messy Church, go to Bible study with Mother Mitzi or attend Fr. John’s class.

Kids can stay in Messy Church until 10:15a. They can also stay from 10:15a to approximately 11:15a for children’s chapel.  They don’t have to go to both.

We need more adults to volunteer.  They don’t have to be parents.  We’ll need one or two volunteers per week.  In the beginning, they’ll be paired up with someone who has been working with the kids, so no experience is necessary.  We’ll have a training meeting in the next few weeks.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering can email Michael Bass at or Etienna Wright at